And you thought I had enough yarn . . .

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This pile of random skeins of Kersti (38 skeins, in fact), is destined to (slowly) become a multicolor random blanket. I'm thinking panels, in seed stitch, two rows per color, completely random other than going light/dark/light/dark. I seem to have misplaced the last bit of logic my brain possessed. Did I mention how much I hate weaving in ends?

Coincidentally, my coworker Lidia and I have been joking that we should share our personal projects the way we do our work projects, since each of us has favorite and hated parts to the knitting process. She hates knitting mindless things, I love them. I can't stand finishing stuff (not finishing as in "putting things together," finishing as in "only one sleeve's left but something else more interesting has come along"), she can't see an unfinished project laying around. We came up with the idea to trade projects back and forth, and as Christmas presents to eachother we could even do the REALLY painful stuff for eachother, ie weave in ends. This is so silly it might actually work!

My friend Margaret and I had talked about knitting eachother's second socks . . .

(btw -- the above pile was compiled completely randomly. These were all the odd skeins we had in the store as of yesterday. I wanted to do it in KPPM but then I rationalized that I have slightly better odds of finishing this in Kersti on size 7 needles than in KPPM on size 4's. . .)

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December 29, 2004

Lovely pile, can’t wait to see the finished product..

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