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We got new stock in KPPM! Look!


There are so many great colors, I had to really hold myself back from buying a few skeins each of, well, half of them. THEN I started playing with colorways for Charlotte's . . . sigh. We're out of stock in Charlotte patterns, but I can still make combinations to dream about!

I made the mistake of adding up how much I've spent on yarn since August, and am now on a somber NO MORE YARN compaign. And am determined to finish some projects, there are so many that are this.close to being done.

Next up to finish:

Koigu socks in yellow and peach -- only one toe left!

SuperTweedy Cashmere pullover -- half a sleeve left, plus finishing and big neck.

Next up to START:

Clapotis in SIlk Garden (you didn't think I could actually stop with the new projects, did you?)


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February 10, 2005

Hi! You don’t know me, but I visit your blog frequently. Just wanted to tell you that your picture of the yarn in your recent post made my mouth water!
p.s. keep up the great blog!


February 10, 2005

I’m faint with Koigu-lust! Oh beauty!


February 12, 2005

Swoons…you really should have a warning before showing Koigu pics. Oh my, the total deliciousness makes the heart beat faster!

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