Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted on February 15, 2005 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

I've been sticking it out and finishing old projects! (I know, SHOCKING) I finished the Koigu socks, and will have a picture soon (I swear, I swear!). I also finished the green Davos sweater I started, oh, a year ago. It fits and I love it!

The SuperTweedy Cashmere pullover is completely knit and sewn together, too, but I didn't like the neckline finishing I had planned on. I ripped it out and did a new one, but don't like that, either. Am bringing it into work tomorrow for some design help from my coworkers. I'm gonna love this sweater, too.

A few days ago I finally washed all my delicate laundry (read: all my sweaters that aren't cotton). I have to confess to waiting until I have almost nothing clean to wear, then washing everything in one giant laundry session. Since I have lots of clothing, I don't have to do laundry all that often . . .

I am shocked to say that I own over 20 sweaters, and about 10 handknit sweaters. Does one person really need this much clothing? I was a bit disgusted with myself. In fact, I even called Adam and said, and this is a direct quote, "I need a new hobby! I'm looking at 15 sweaters laid out to dry on the floor and I spend all my free time knitting more!?!?!"

Clearly, that was a moment of temporary sanity and I've since returned to my regularly scheduled insanity. Complete with celebrating the birth of a new sweater and the conception of 3 others. ;o)

Also, I started Clapotis this weekend and am almost to the first stitch drop. I'm liking the colors alot, but there were two knots in the first skein of Silk Garden. Grr.

And I also started a baby blanket for a family friend who is expecting her first grandchild. Pale yellow extra-fine merino in a basketweave pattern, with pale mint border. (her request on the colors) Must finish this asap so I can get it mailed to her.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! My boyfriend called me about 5:30 today and said, "did you, um, get anything from me?" -- turns out he had sent me flowers but they never got to my work. Somehow that's even more sweet. And I'll get flowers tomorrow!


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February 17, 2005

I also used Silk Garden for my Clapotis – it turned out great. All the Noro yarns I’ve used have several knots per skein. Drives me crazy, I untie them and do a Russian join. Love your blog!

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