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Found via Betsee Knits, I'm totally loving The Bag Blog, all about purses!

I, of course, have developed quite a bag fetish, and I'm a picky fetishist at that! I carry way too much stuff around with me every day, and that's not gonna change anytime soon. Currently I'm carrying around a suede tote I got for FREE at Aldo's, it was a buy-one-get-one sale. I bought a pair of shoes and got the bag free. The bag's ok, but it's too deep so it's hard to find anything inside.

My daytime bags must meet several requirements, listed in order of importance:

1. Big enough to carry a bunch of stuff, but not heavy. Hence, no leather. I like fabric bags or nylon best.
2. The strap has to be long enough to wear over my shoulder but not so long that the bag bounces around with every step.
3. Not too expensive so I can buy many of them!
4. At least one inside and one outside pocket that zips or buttons shut, so I can keep all my junk organized in there.
5. Must look interesting enough to want to carry, but not be such an eye-sore that I can't carry it everyday for two months (which is the average length of time before I tire of a new bag).

My favorite bags for this category often come from places like Urban Outfitters, Gap, or Old Navy. I get bored easily so I change often. The worst part of this small obsession is that I feel guilty to have all these bags in a Rubbermaid tub, rejected. It seems wasteful!

Worse yet, this is far from the only bag category in which I indulge. I also always carry a small "going out" bag inside my daytime bag, so I can go to dinner without carrying all my junk with me. The "going out" bag is usually a clutch or tiny purse, and I only carry my cell, ID, money and credit cards in it. Oh, and maybe my digicam. I have several of these bags, too . . .

The final big category is knitting bags. (shock) I carry stuff back and forth to work and to Adam's house almost daily. Often it's in plastic String bags, since they are rather sturdy and I have a ton of them (double shock) lying around. But I also have several larger canvas bags, many from J Crew (I've written about these before), which are great as overnight bags and/or knitting bags. These are the best because they don't have zippers to get caught up with your yarn, they have side pockets and a flap on top.

Anyway. I'm about sick of my current daytime bag and I think this Gap bag may be my next daytime bag:

[image removed]
Isn't it cute? The Bag Blog lady wrote about it . . .

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February 17, 2005

You might want to update the Chiagu site to notify those interested of your plans to either start or close this business. Knitters Review posters, an influential bunch, aren’t giving your site glowing remarks.

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