A new redhead caught my eye*

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Even though Crumpets is *this close* to being done, I've wandered to something else.

[image removed]
This is a new booklet from Gedifra that we just got in (please don't judge me based on this cover).

And this is what I've made so far:

[image removed]
Which will eventually look like this:

[image removed]
It uses 5 balls Gedifra Chapello yarn (the fuzzy stuff, but it's not your typical synthetic fuzz) and two balls felted wool for the strap (I'm using Lana Grossa Dasolo cuz we don't stock the Donatella they call for). Size 10 needles, a few hours of knitting and MANY hours of finishing, and you've got this adorable bag. Mine will feature a shorter strap and some funky fabric lining.

This bag is being made for a live auction on May 5th, to benefit the Tubular Sclerosis Alliance. One of my close friend's grandson was born with this disease and she's been helping set up the Gala. The auction brings in lots of money for research, and every year she recruits other knitters and crafters to make items to auction off. When she saw my bag in progress, she immediately bought yarn to make a second one and asked me to make her one to auction off. So this one will be hers, and I'll make myself one later one. (although we all know it's likely the second bag may never materialize)

* About the title: I've always described myself as "ADD knitter," but recently I came up with a better parallel -- I am like the 20-something guy who really wants to commit to one beautiful girl, but every day as he's walking down the busy New York streets, a new redhead catches his eye, and it's the same thing all over again . . .

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:: Nervous-Knits ::
:: Nervous-Knits ::

June 10, 2005

I want to roll you up into my life

My fabulous husband messaged me at work the other day to let me know he had bought me something…i got home to find he had indeed bought me something extra cool! Gedifra Chapello. Picture lovingly borrowed from Jimmy Beans Wool…

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