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Posted on June 21, 2005 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

Yet another small sweater-thing, this one is a bolero from a String store pattern, done in Karabella Aurora 8 in color 716. It takes 5 skeins and is super quick to make, it's like making a child's sweater. I actually have another of these started in a lavendar color, but I made the raglans too short so it got ripped out. I think this is the perfect length, just about a "true" waist height. It is a bit baggy around the armholes, but I can live with it. I love this color, it almost radiates. And it's so cute!

This is definitely one of those projects that I can only wear for so long, since these little shrug/bolero things are so trendy right now. . . lets see how many of them I'll end up making before the rush ends. (at least I got through the poncho craze with nary a poncho in my closet!)

Another new addition:

My sister moved in with me on Sunday, and she brought a friend:


I am SO not a cat person, but Jamilla's really cute and pretty friendly, although she will NOT sit in your lap. I have to get used to this. . . the first step was moving all the random knitting into my room and closing the door, there used to be yarn all over the living room, now it's just all over my room!

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June 22, 2005

Ivete, It’s so nice to see a full length picture of you. Your hair is lovely. I like the length of it. Also, the bolero looks really nice on you. Great job and I do love the color too. A great color on you.

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