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We finally got the new Interweave at work yesterday, so I got a copy, of course. I have to say that I'm dissapointed in this issue, there are too many things that look redone (the jacket looks so similar to the one in the last issue) or just silly (the vest and the ponchos).

I do love this, though:


I think "shrug" is the wrong word for it, but I love it! This rectangle-with-sleeves shawl is a really useful shape, it stays on better than a plain shawl but it's easy to throw on and off. And I love the cables she used, and the non-symmetrical zig-zag (normally I'm obsessive about cable symmetry (thanks Jon!), but it works in this piece). I have officially renamed this thing "Cozy," and it will henceforth be reffered to as such.

So, last night I cast on, using Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed:


I'm enjoying the cables and I think I'll really love the finished item, it'll be like having a throw wrapped around me, that stays on! Silkroad is one of my favorite yarns ever, it softens so nicely when washed, it feels completely different. I had originally bought this to use for Rogue, but when I started a sleeve, I realized that my hands hurt too much knitting this yarn at such a tight gauge in cables, so I decided to find something with more stretch for Rogue. So this stuff was just sitting in the stash closet, begging to be something, preferably something cabled, and here you have it.

I'm so proud of myself for using stash yarn, too!

Although, I am clearly suffering from startitis: I started a Koigu shawl this week and the Trivoli tank. And I didn't finish either of the projects from the last post, of course.

In other news, Adam quit his job last week. He leaves this fall for his Fulbright year (and we decided it's silly for him to go to the wedding with me, in case you were wondering), so he gets to sit at home for half the summer, while I still have to work! Well, this past Wednesday he surprised me at work and had lunch with me, and brought me these:


He remembered I had mentioned that I like Lillies . . .

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July 02, 2005

It’s amusing that you’re obsessed about symmetry but you have two asymmetrical WIP’s in two entries :-)

I’ll be in soon to pick up some Zara!


July 04, 2005

Ohh, Ivete, that was so sweet of Adam. What a great guy! Hope his 9 mos. in England goes by quickly for you both and that you get to visit him there.

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