Coast to Coast in 22 Days!

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We leave in a few hours, and I'm almost completely packed and ready. . . really!

How I'll survive 3 weeks in a car:


That's my Trivoli tank crammed onto a circular, I'm into the "straight for 5 inches" part of it. This is my mindless knitting for the plane, and should be done soon. It's in a beautiful fuschia color of Debbie Bliss Cathay, which I'm actually liking (for a cotton yarn, that is!). In fact I like it so much I bought 6 more, in orange, to make Annie's Silk Corset. That's also coming with me, but I'm not casting on until after Trivoli's done.

Front and center you see my copy of HBP, which I bought last night with all the other crazies at the stroke of midnight. (do you know the initial run for this book was over 10 MILLION copies? Luxury Knitting, the book that String just finished writting, has an initial run of 10,000!) That should also keep me busy for a while.

And last but best of all, my Skyline Shawl (renamed because there already is a pattern called "Sunset Shawl" and I don't want to create confusion). As you can see I have two balls of Koigu attached, I'm into the 4th color now and this is the most addicting thing I've ever worked on. You can't see much of it since it's also crammed onto a circular, but you get the idea of how big it is (the rows will be 6 feet long once blocked). Here's a detail shot of the lace:


This shot is a little too saturated in color, in real life the yellows aren't so neon. . . but you can see the color progression I've worked up, and I have to say I'm really proud of myself. I cannot WAIT to finish this thing!! Although if I finish it on the road and am unable to block it, that may be very frustrating. But we'll worry about that when/if the time comes. And I guess I can weave in ends well enough in car . . .

I'll be posting from the laptop while I'm gone (and I bought a bigger memory stick for my camera, too!), but I'll probably be hard to reach for the next 3 weeks. Check in here for my Coast to Coast trip, and I hope you enjoy the virtual ride!

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July 16, 2005

Have a great trip and look forward to updates from the road.


July 18, 2005

That Skyline Shawl looks great so far. I’ll be anxious to see it done. Where did you get the pattern? I would like to get one. I would love to see a full picture of the pattern. Anyway, good luck and looking forward to seeing the picture of it finished.

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