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At a time like this

I can't seem to write about knitting right now, it's just not that important.

I just donated money to help with the relief effort. You
should consider donating, too. I don't have much to give but I do have
more than I need to survive, and my small donation will mean much more
to the homeless and sick than if I had used it to buy a new top or

I donated to Doctors Without Borders, and you can, too, by clicking the link.

It says exactly what I want to say, today, too.

Except that this time I donated to Salvation Army. (Doctors Without Borders isn't working in New Orleans)

ETA: I just noticed that a bunch of other knitbloggers are doing a Give a Little project, and are posting totals donated. I almost didn't post that link because it really rubs me the wrong way that they're giving prizes to people who donated -- it shouldn't take a prize to donate to Katrina relief! But then I saw that their total is past $46,000 . . . and decided that if it does take a prize to get someone to donate, so what? The money's still going to the victims.

So donate, and email them with the total so they can keep track. And maybe you'll win a prize. Ugh.

You'll definitely feel good.

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