Congratulations, Mel!

Posted on September 22, 2005 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

My best friend Mel is getting married this Saturday, and I'm leaving on Friday morning for the wedding. Tonight, I wove in the last end on their wedding gift, which you can see by clicking the link below (Mel, please don't peek!)

Talk about cutting it close, huh? =)

Of to go take inventory of my portable WIPs, so I can decide what's coming on the plane with me . . .


This is a Colinette Ab Fab, in the Ivory color. This was my first time doing an entire Ab Fab, even though I've been selling them, and doing the finishing on them, for over 2 years! It is such a fun project, it's really hard to put it down because you want to see what the next yarn will look like. Even in the all-white colorway, it's just beautiful after it's done. This picture's a little off in the color, the real one is more ivory white, and the bands that seem to shine don't look so bright in real life. It's really hard to photograph white!

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September 22, 2005

Congratulations to your friend and they will love the gift! Just beautiful.


September 23, 2005

That is beautiful!

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