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I spent yesterday manning the String booth at the Knit Out -- this was my second year doing it, and it's bigger than ever. I gave out over 1,500 leaflets! It was a madhouse of knitters and crocheters, with lots of interesting garments to see. There was one woman wearing a pink poncho, and walking a dog who was wearing a matching poncho, too! And I spotted Rick from Knitter's magazine, who was wearing a black t-shirt with "Eat, Knit, and DIE" written accross the chest!

Several people stopped by to say hi to me (hi everyone!), it's still so funny to me to be recognized IRL by people who know me online. The funniest instance was 2 years ago, someone recognized me and said (very loudly), "You're the one with the knitting tattoo!!!" So of course I had to show it, and then everyone around me wouldn't stop talking about it. I blush very easily, so of course I was red for the next half hour. =)

Speaking of red, it was HOT yesterday. I think I got a bit of a sunburn, my booth was in the sun the entire time. If you saw me and wondered why that poncho was hanging right in front of me, it was positioned to block the sun!

Vogue Knitting's booth had lots of preview copies of upcoming books, including String's new book, Luxury Knitting, which is due out at the end of the month. When I first saw our preview copy, I almost cried! It's really real! It's been "done" and we've been waiting for so long, I can hardly believe it's really going to be here soon. All the promotion's starting heavily now, too. We've got a book signing and reading scheduled for Nov 10th at the Museum of Arts & Design, and we'll be selling the book at 30% off the cover price through Nov 15th at the store (or over the phone).

So my super-busy fall is in full swing, basically. I had the wedding two weekends ago, the Knit Out yesterday, I do have this weekend off but then next weekend is Rhinebeck, and it just keeps going from there! I'm in major crunch mode for getting the products on String's website expanded, plus I have my own design work and Chiagu to work on. And in December I'm going to England for 2 weeks to visit Adam. Oh, and my car got hit while parked on the street in NYC, so I'll have to shell out to get it fixed and deal with not having a car for a few days. When it rains, it pours, yes?

In housekeeping news: I've moved all my pre-2005 entires back to this blog instead of archiving them in separate blogs for each year, so I moved the Archives section down to the bottom of the sidebar. I'm going to be moving this blog to the Chiagu server soon, but I'll leave this one live and linking to the new URL for a few weeks after the move, which should happen in the next week or so.

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October 04, 2005

I am coming to New York from London for three nights Nov 10th-13th with my daughter – it is her 18th birthday present. I had planned to visit String and intend to buy the Luxury Knitting book while I am there. We are staying on E.61st street – hopefully not too far from String.

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