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One of my customers sells jewelry, and she came by yesterday with a few necklaces to show us. I just had to snap this one up! I LOOOOVEEE it! The two pieces can be worn like this, or you can wear either long or shot by itself. It's heavy, real jet, and I can see myself wearing this a lot. And I never even wear jewelry! I just love it that much. (BTW, Leslie can get more of this necklace if someone wants one, email me or drop a comment and I'll get you in touch with her)

In other shopping news, I also got some new knitting books. I got Knitting Over the Edge, Knitting Vintage Socks, and Favorite Mittens. I'm in the process of writing reviews for them, which you can see at Chiagu. I already wrote the Knitting Over the Edge review, the others will go up today or tomorrow.

If you have a book you think I should check out, let me know! I spent quite a while at the bookstore today going through the HUGE knitting section, there are so many books out right now it's a bit overwhelming! I flipped through Handknit Holidays, Oddball Knitting, and Alterknits but decided not to get them. I usually only buy technique books, stitch pattern books, and the rare focused pattern book (ie socks). Since I barely have enough time to knit up my own designs, it just doesn't make sense to keep buying other people's patterns! =)

Speaking of which, I still haven't gotten a copy of VK, the store's order never arrived and then Barnes & Noble didn't have it. Hopefully we'll get it next week . . .

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October 28, 2005

Love the necklace! Very sharp…


October 23, 2005

Please take a look at KnitScene – the new magazine from Interweave Press. I felt so ripped off! There are pictures, but only partial patterns. If one wants the full pattern, one has to go to a website!!!! There isn’t even enough info to determine if its worth going to the website (e.g., gauge). Would love to hear the thoughts of other knitters!

Looking forward to Luxury Knitting (pre-ordered)!


October 24, 2005

i saw two new books i’d consider buying, and i usually only go for technique books too (or fashion, like rowan, jaeger, and louisa harding). but, crochet books by candi jensen - one book on crochet bags, the other on scarfs. they’re worth a peek, as there don’t seem to be many crochet books out there with good patterns.

Lola Lee
Lola Lee

October 25, 2005

Much of the books that are on the shelf are geared towards the new knitters and those who just want to get the project done in 2 days, that kind of knitting. Since I know I’m not interested in these books, it’s easy for me to weed these out. Most of the books that I have were bought back when the focus was on the technical aspect of knitting, and ethnic knitting such as fair isle.

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