Thank you to everyone!

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Last night was a huge, exciting, overwhelming, crazy, humbling success! Thank you to everyone who came, especially to String's customers who showed up wearing their handknits! I ended up being unable to take any pictures because I was manning the computer during the presentation and then ringing people up for books afterwards, but I'll download pictures off others' cameras and we'll post them on the String website so everyone can see.

I wore my Aurora cabled cardigan, in case any of you were just dying of curiousity. In fact, I spent so much time planning and worrying about wearing a "perfect" outfit (which turned out to mean head-to-toe black with the turquoise cardigan on top, and real shoes instead of my usual nice sneakers) that when I left the house yesterday, I forgot a coat! It was 30 degrees out at the end of the night and I was FREEZING. But I looked cute!

I'm off to finish a few projects that have been mocking me for far too long -- one wants for its buttons, the other needs blocking and weaving AND buttons (I absolutely HATE sewing on buttons). And I finished the flowerbasket shawl (see Shana, nagging works sometimes . . .) but need to block it. And there's a red cardigan that needs one more sleeve and front. And a Chiagu pattern that is more than half done that needs finishing. And . . . well, maybe I should spend less time typing up what needs to be done, and more time DOING it! (brilliant of me, no?)

(note to self: if you're eating fried chicken for dinner, don't try to type at the same time unless you want a slimy keyboard and mouse. You'd think that'd be obvious, but you'd be wrong.)

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November 12, 2005

I forget about greasy fingers on the keyboard when I’m reading bloglines and eating popcorn.

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