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The new Vogue's here, and I have to say that I think it's the best issue I've seen in YEARS. No exaggeration. I love so many designs in there, it's crazy! It feels funny to be writing this, since all you ever read anymore is how bad magazines have gotten and it seems like every other mailing list/blog is complaining about it. And I'm usually happier with IK's patterns than VK, but this time, Vogue's outdone itself. There are interesting, unusual, and challenging designs in there, and that's great!

One of my favorites:


This is made in KOIGU. Need I say more? ;o)

Isn't it cool looking? (but I would definitely wear a shirt underneath!) Those bumps are made like short i-cords, then reattached. The idea's very interesting and I've never seen a stitch quite like this before, even if I never make this (which I probably won't), I like looking at it.

This is another I really liked:


I was actually working on a very similar design (in Koigu, as you probably guessed), which I will probably still continue to develop, but I probably won't finish it anytime soon. The "shawl with sleeves" idea is hard, almost impossible, to do well in handknitting, especially without having to resort to tiny needles, so I was really impressed with this one.

But my absolute favorite from this issue is this cardigan:


(for some reason Vogue didn't put this one in their online preview. So I had to take my own picture in order to show you, sorry for the glare)This cardigan is just stunning. It's totally my style (ie, interesting lines with not too much going on), and I love the belt idea, and the shawl collar. This one I may actually make, and that's saying a lot since I rarely knit from patterns . . . I'm picturing it in Classic Elite Lavish, in the pale pink color, with a brown belt . . .

And don't get me wrong, I certainly didn't love everything in the issue, there were some doozies in there! But I always try to keep a positive note on the blog, so we won't focus on those. . .

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January 21, 2006

There are definitely some really cool knits in it. Not sure if I’ll ever have the patience to knit one….. but cool!

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