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Here's my Olympic progress from last night, knit during my commute and after I got home from work. I've already memorized the pattern and can now pick it up and put it down without a problem, I worked on it during my commute and didn't get lost. Since it's nice and symmetrical, it makes it easier to memorize the pattern. In order to give myself the most hours of knitting time these next 15 days, I will be taking public transportation instead of driving to work, cuz those 2 hours every day add up! (you're not supposed to drive and knit at the same time, you know)

Immediate thoughts:

  1. It's gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Every so often I stop and just stare at it. Did I really make that?
  2. This is eating yarn like crazy. I'm into the second skein of yarn and the sleeve is not even half done. I probably need to buy more yarn. This may mean I am knitting tighter than I swatched, now that I'm into the cable pattern. Impossible to know, though, because there's no gauge given for the actual cables, only in moss stitch. It'll be apparent when I cast on for the back though.
  3. It's gorgeous!
  4. I wish the wrong side rows were plain. I like having a resting place between pattern rows, it gets a bit tiring to have to pay attention ALL the time.
  5. Did I mention it's gorgeous?
  6. The compulsive side of me is a little annoyed that the rope cables aren't mirrored. I stopped and stared at it several times, and I almost dropped down to redo the second rope and flip it over. But I keep telling myself to leave it and not be so picky, the two ropes will be flipped on the other sleeve, so that will give symmetry, right? Right.
  7. It's beautiful!
  8. I'm really pleased with the stitch definition. Purists will say that Aurora 8 is too soft to knit such a patterned sweater, they'll insist you need "good 'ole shetland" to really do the cables justice, but take it from me, the cables really pop. Even my boss commented on it. Cables knit this tightly just look different, they're so sharp they don't even look handknit.
  9. Have you figured out I like it, yet? It's stunning!

But after seeing Eunny's progress, now all I can think is:


How's everyone else's Olympic knitting going?

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February 12, 2006

It really is gorgeous!!


February 13, 2006

If you’re still fixated on the cables mirroring, you don’t have to frog. You can just drop the stitches of the cable and knit with a pair of dpns… but I think a little asymmetry is fine. The sleeve is gorgeous!


February 12, 2006

The sleeve looks great. I think it’s a good idea to take public transportation so that you get plenty of good knitting time in. Especially if you can work the pattern while riding pub transportation.


February 12, 2006

You’re absolutely right – it’s gorgeous. I was just surfing by and couldn’t leave without commenting on it.

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