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Sorry for having dropped off the blogiverse, everything happened at once, then Adam was here visiting and has left again, and today's the first day since last week when I have a few minutes online!

Too bad I have nothing good to show. Here's how far I got on Little Rivers:


Although your movie suggestions helped (and I'll be announcing contest winners next week), I still wasn't able to chug through the Knitting Olympics to a gold medal. I'm dissapointed. But even more than dissapointed, I am burned out on knitting this sweater. I think I'll pick it up again next winter, after I've had a chance to forget most of it. I decided to do this for the Olympics as an extra incentive to finish it, and I still want to finish it, just now now.

Here's a bigger picture of the finished back:


It's pretty, right? I know it is, but I'm so bored, it's all I can think about when I look at it.

Oh, well. Congratulations to everyone else who DID get a medal, I admire your diligence! This contest has taught me that even outside pressure isn't enough to motivate me if I really just don't feel like knitting something! Good to know.

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Claudia C.
Claudia C.

March 21, 2006

I got really bored after finishing the back and 1/3 of the front of Little Rivers last winter and never thought I wanted so much as to look at it again. But I recently picked it up and am back on track. You will be, too … someday. What you’ve completed is gorgeous.


March 03, 2006

You deserve way more than a medal for that!!! I didn’t even claim one since I only made my ODessa! That is absolutely beautiful!


March 04, 2006

It looks gorgeous- good for you for sticking with it.

And I know you’ll probably ban me from ever coming to your site again, but I thought of one more movie- Love and Sex. Very cute rom com, I don’t think a lot of people saw it.


March 08, 2006

I think the boredom factor is why it took me three winters to complete mine. I am impressed with how much you got done!

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