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This is the view from my "desk" today. That's my new baby, my new Acer laptop which I got last week. I've been wanting a new computer for the last year, so this year I used part of my tax refund to buy myself this new toy! This is the Acer Aspire 1640, my dad used to have this laptop and liked it a lot. I don't need much in computers other than lots of ram and wireless access, so this one is perfect for me. I'm keeping my old desktop, too, but this will be my primary computer now. The last one lasted 4 years, and the one before that 3 years, so I think I'm doing pretty well!

The worst part of buying a new computer is transfering everything over. Ugh! I had one really good experinece though: I wanted to install my Photoshop on the new computer, so I went to the Adobe site and logged in, looked for info and couldn't find any. I searched my email for my purchase receipt, used that link to go to my shopping cart page on the Adobe site, and still couldn't figure out how to get the program onto my new computer. So I called them. I spoke to the first customer service person I got, explained I had a new computer, and he said to open the order screen. When I told him it was already opened, he said, "Ok hit refresh" -- and a "download" button appeared! He programmed it on the spot! Is that impressive or what?

To the left of my laptop you can have sneak peek of the vest I'm working on, which is almost to the armhole bind off. After last night's scare (which I'm blaming on insomnia), I have really cranked on this and it's going very well. I plan on being done by Sunday, if not sooner. Sooner would be better, because I still have to make that poncho/wrap. . .

You can also see my wrist braces, which I sleep with every night to keep the carpal tunnel from getting any worse. And that's my favorite pair of scissors (is it strange that I have a favorite?) and my ugliest tape measure . . . please ignore the mess you can see in the background beyond the bed, my room's a mess!

I had a sore throat yesterday, and today it's really, really bad. I may be sick, but there are no other symptoms yet. Is it possible to only be sick on your throat and nowhere else?

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March 24, 2006

I got just a new laptop too! It’s great to have but I agree about the pain of transferring stuff over to it. My wrist brace has become (unfortunately) my new best friend too- lots of deadline knitting to get through right now!


March 24, 2006

Of course one has a favorite pair of scissors! As well as a favorite tape measure, favorite darning needle, favorite crochet hook…
The only question that remains: why not get rid of everything else?

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