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I'm safely in the UK and online! Yeah! I did, however, manage to leave the camera thingie at home and so can take pictures but can't transfer them to the computer. So sorry, no pictures. (I also left my cell phone and camera chargers. And who knows what else. Only time will tell)

We've already had some excitement on the trip: we went straight from the airport to The Boat Race, which is like, the biggest sporting event in England. Cambridge v. Oxford crew, with about a million people crammed around the river drinking beer at 2pm. Did you know it's legal to drink outside here? Yeah, neither did I, until I saw a guy holding a bottle of Smirnoff at the tube station, just walking around minding his own business. At least pour it in a big red cup, people!

Anyway, the race was INSANE. Packed with people, the weather kept switching from drizzly rain, to bright sunshine, to pouring rain, and back again. Poor Adam had to drag my suitcase around the whole time, and I had my big carryon and his big backpack, so we were exhausted quickly. We left early and I fell asleep on the train to Cambridge.

Tonight we're leaving for Malta, we'll be spending a week there. Hope for sunshine! The highs are supposed to be near 80F, which is what I'd love to see. I brought two bikinis and am ready to use them!

Thanks for the comments on the stash flash, and yes, that is my stash, I didn't cheat at the store. Adam was a little scared when I showed him the pictures. And yes, Wanda, I do bring money home from the yarn shop! A lot of that yarn was actually purchased pre-shop (well, not the Koigu), and it's a testament to why you shouldn't buy yarn on sale: I end up never using that stuff, and using new stuff right away instead. Out of everything in that closet, less that half was bought over the last 20 months (the length of time I've been working at String). Most of the new purchases have already been knit and shown off here! It goes to show, just cuz it's cheap doesn't mean you NEED it . . .

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April 03, 2006

I’m glad you arrived safely! And while you may use most of your new stuff first, I try to make myself use a lot of things that I have in my stash taht have aged for awhile as well. Although there is obviously the lure of the new, sometimes a new yarn wins out, sometimes the old. Have fun on your trip! Malta sounds like heaven. Hope the weather cooperates for you. My fingers are crossed!

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