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Last night I stubbed my right toes. Twice. I am pretty sure I either broke or sprained by middle toe, and it hurts A LOT. I am such a clutz.

I actually took a picture of my swollen toe but when I put it into photoshop to crop it I realized what I was doing and just couldn't put a picture of my toes online. There are many things I do for the blog. Showing my ET-like toes, especially bruised and without a pedicure, is too much, even for me. You can thank me later.

On a scarier random note, I looked to the right while driving across the GW bridge this morning and could clearly see the huge cloud of smoke coming from this 10-alarm fire in Brooklyn. It's not normal to see a huge billowing cloud of smoke from 10 miles away, coming from the area of downtown Manhattan. If I hadn't been listening to 1010wins and known about the fire, I would have started crying on the spot. It looked so horribly familiar that even though I heard on the radio that it wasn't terrorism, it was difficult to process. Here's a picture from CNN that gives you an idea what I saw this morning, although this one was taken from the complete opposite side. I'm so thankful it was only a fire and that no one got seriously hurt.

I really hope I never see something like that ever again.

In knitting news, the Giotto version of the cuff-to-cuff sweater didn't work out the way I wanted it to. I'm going to rip it out and fix it, now that I know what went wrong. This one will now feature a shaped body that hits at about belly-button height. I'm keeping the cables and rib but completely changing stitch counts. I'd show it to you but I'm rather embarassed by its ill-fitting shape. I should have seen some of these problems coming, but now I've worked them out and written down what I should do, so the second version will be better. Then I'll show you. I promise.

Also, who's gonna be at Maryland Sheep & Wool on Sunday? I can't go on Saturday due to work, but I'll be there around noon on Sunday, and I'd love to meet up! If you see me walking around, please say Hello! I'll be wearing Tramonto so it'll be easy to spot me in the crowd!
And thanks to everyone who's signed up for the Chiagu announcements list, I still can't believe I accidentally deleted it. What a dolt.

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