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Haflobi2 is on its last sleeve. Thankfully. I am just not good at knitting something more than once, especially when there are so many new and exciting projects to work on. Hum, that must be why I lost interest in knitting socks . . . I just never seem to find time to knit them when there are so many newer, more interesting projects and yarns to try out. Maybe I will sell off my sock yarn stash like Juno did. There's an idea.

Speaking of getting rid of stuff, I've started cleaning out my closets in preparation of my impending move to the City. After living in the 'burbs forever, with plenty of space to be a complete and utter packrat in, I've accumulated lots of stuff. There will be no room for said stuff in the City, especially if I let the boy have some room for HIS stuff (he will, of course, be given less room than I have. Natch.)

I come from a long line of packrats (my grandmother washes out butter tubs to reuse as tupperware, she has a huge stack of them. My mother keeps ripped towels in a box labeled "ripped towels." She also has clothing she hasn't worn since I was born.) I am headed in the same direction if I don't watch out! Moving to a tiny apartment might actually be a blessing in disguise . . .

Believe me, I need to clear stuff out. Y'all saw my stash closet. Well, my clothing closet is actually worse. No, I'm not showing you pictures. Suffice it to say I'm cleaning out stuff I haven't worn in years that I've been keeping "just in case" it ever comes back in style. I've already made two huge piles of stuff to take to the Salvation Army next week.

One pile has 24 pairs of shoes. 3 of which have never been worn.

That leaves me with 20 pairs of shoes in active rotation.

The other big pile includes 12 pairs of jeans. Leaving me with 5 in active rotation.

I'm sick. Sick I tell you! And it feels good to give this stuff away and put it to better use.

I'll be making a destashing post at some point, so that you guys can have a crack at some of the knititng stuff. I have two knitting machines that need to go, one with ribber, one without. And I'm going to weed out my book stash, because if I haven't opened the book in the 2 years I've lived at this apartment, I'm probably not going to need it ever again. You get to enjoy my packrat ways!

And as further proof that I'm trying to make progress, instead of starting a new project I picked the Map of the World Blanket back up and got almost all the way through Canada. See?

I had to crop the picture because it looked funny, but I've started in on the bottom of Alaska, too, you just can't see it in this shot. I'm about 2/3 of the way through this first panel!And, even more amazingly for me, I actually turned the thing over and wove in those ends. Really! Don't believe me? See for yourself!

Doesn't every knitter look at intarsia and say under her
breath, "yeah, but what does the back look like?"

There are still some ends at the top, but I wove everything below that! I really surprised myself, actually. I like looking at the back almost as much as I like the front!

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May 12, 2006

I’ll start saving my pennies ;-)


May 12, 2006

LOL! The last thing I need to take on the burden of another’s “stuff”, but when it comes to yarn or knitting stuff, I think the rules do not apply. By the way, I thought of you and your numerous tape measures when I bought two on sale yesterday. They were very cute, so I could not resist. Good luck with the continued clearing!

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