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I have to go to sleep now, but here's a quick spam post. Look what color the shawl is now!

The bright pink color is an amazing shade of raspberry, and it's starting to fade out of that and into more barbie pink . . . I'm almost at the end of the skein, it's gonna be so exciting to bind off and rip down those ladders!

A customer saw my shawl today and decided she just had to use this stitch pattern for a cardigan -- so I designer her one with this all-over pattern, working the body in the round to the armholes to keep the colors striping well. The sleeves will be straight, like jacket sleeves, and there will be a very narrow crochet trim around the edges, but otherwise all you're gonna see is color and texture on a simple silhouette. It made me realize this cable fabric looks gorgeous as-is, even before dropping down the stitches, so now I'm planning yet another project using this stich pattern . . . for eventaully, that is.

For you city knitters who aren't high-tailing it out of here for the holiday weekend, String is open tomorrow from 11-5, come see the new Embrace in person! I'll bring my shawl to work with me. ;o)

We switch to summer hours after this weekend, so this is the last Saturday we're open until the fall . . . take advantage!

Aparment update: The girl was there this time, and the apartment's pretty great. I really liked it, the location, the building, the layout, everything except for the fact that it's too small. So I'm gonna keep looking. Luckily I have time!

I'm happy to report that the shower was in the tub, which was in the bathroom. Ahh, the small details you just take for granted. . .

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May 27, 2006

ahh, Ivete, that colorway is gorgeous!!can’t wait to see it all done.

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