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It's about time, no?

(the colors came out too intense with the flash, sorry)

First, here's what will probably be the next Chiagu pattern: an ocean-like stole knit in (what else?) Koigu. I'm using fewer colors than Tramonto used, so this one won't be such a big financial commitment to complete but you still get to enjoy the colors flowing into eachother. I'm about half-way done with this and I'm really happy with how it's working out, it's fun and quick to knit and the colors a soothing and water-like (duh, waves + blue, you're supposed to be picturing water, I hope!)

And this one I just started on Friday, it'll be an empire-waist tank with crochet detail, knit in GGH Bali which I bought in Vegas last summer. My tension tends to be less even on cotton than wool (yet another reason I don't enjoy knitting in cotton), which is why you see those little dots all over. This will also be a Chiagu pattern eventually, but it's slow going knitting in the round at 5.5 sts/inch, so this one won't be ready too soon.

To relieve my boredom at a stockinette tube, last night I stopped and crocheted the edging onto the top part just to break it up a little. I really love the way the edge looks! It took me several tries to end up with this, it's totally not what I had planned on using, but that's just part of the design process, things need to evolve on the needle sometimes.

Thankfully I've reached the empire waist, so now I get to start the stitch pattern. Even though intellectually I understand that stockinette in the round is probably NOT slow, and that logically, having to manipulate the yarn and needles to make a stitch pattern HAS TO take longer to produce the same amount of fabric, that's just not what it feels like when you're doing it. So I'm happy to have reached the patterned part! =)

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