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One of the benefits of packing and then UNpacking everything you own is that you get to see it all at once and truly take stock of what you have. I had somehow managed to forget just how many almost-finished knitting projects I have! Rather than try to explain how that's possible (ahem, denial), I'm gonna jump right in on finishing the projects. I'm starting to take inventory, and already got a lot of work done on a wrap cardigan that's been stalled since last winter. Here's my list so far:

  1. Karabella Margrite wrap cardigan - Almost done w/ body, need to do sleeves (plus write pattern etc)
  2. Cascade 220 Son of Aran pullover - I tried this on last night and I don't hate it nearly as much as I thought I would. The neck border needs to be redone completely, then it only lacks for a bottom border and one sleeve cuff! SO CLOSE. (If you don't remember I was knitting this, don't feel bad, it's been a few years)
  3. Karabella Margrite cardigan for my mom -- I'm to the armholes on the body (knit in one piece) on the second try to make this, it needs to be done SOON.
  4. Koigu Wave Shawl - about half done
  5. Cumberbund Belt - finished knitting, needs facing and pattern/photo etc
  6. Ram's Horn Jacket - finished back and one front, stalled on collar

Those are the close-to-being-done projects, and the ones I need to focus on first. I think I'll devote a set amount of time to each of these every week until they're all done, and I'm not allowed to start anything new until those 5 are off my plate.

There are some longer-term projects still going:

  1. Map of the World Blanket - almost done with first panel
  2. Kersti random blanket - changed my mind again and ripped it out, need a fresh idea (maybe log cabin)
  3. Brown blanket for Adam - still on the first panel, this one's SLOW
  4. Little Rivers -- back done, front about 1/3 done, one sleeve half done. I want this in time for the winter if I can manage it
  5. Cascade 220 cabled pullover - the original is too heavily cabled, have to start over with new sketch/swatch

And of course, this doesn't even take into account the other random projects that I know are there but I haven't thought about recently (like the two sweater's worth of Aurora Bulky, the Aurora 8 for another sweater, fuschia Margrite Bulky, etc etc)

I have to either learn how to knit faster (and I'm already pretty fast!) or buy less yarn. I'm gonna try for the former.

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