I suck.

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Let's just admit it: I suck at doing what I "should" do with my knitting.

Not only did I start and finish a new project, yesterday I went and bought yarn. In my defense, it was 70% off at a closing sale! Suss Designs is closing in NYC, the last day is today. The inventory has been picked over but there's still some stuff left if you can make it there today. I got enough of their house brand cotton/acrylic (almost exactly like Rowan ASC but softer and a bit lighter) to make a color blocked something-or-other. I had to keep myself from buying all they had in that yarn, my mind kept thinking "It's cheap! Buy it and hoard it!" But I was strong(ish) and only got the colors I liked. I also got some buttons at 50% off, and would have bought more if there had been a better selection. One has to buy buttons if they're 50% off. No matter what.

But I've been doing well with my WIPS, too. I got a few more inches added to my mom's cardigan, and I almost closed the border on the wrap cardi . . . and I worked a few rows on the brown blanket.

We've started getting new fall yarns at String already and it's all I can do not to buy myself at least a few skeins of this. It's amazing. Must be strong.

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