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That was the subject line of a particularly ridiculous SPAM email that came my way today. At least it made me laugh!

I had today off and spent it catching up on housework (I now have to walk down (and up) 3 flights of stairs to do laundry), getting my hair cut (the last haircut was like 6 months ago) and making jewelry.

Yes, because I simply did not have enough hobbies yet, I'm dabbling in jewelry again. I used to make lots of pieces when I was in high school and the first few years of college, but lately I've been using the jewelry skills only for making stitch markers.

Then I got this idea in my head to make ribbon-based random necklaces with big organic-looking beads, and today I braved the overbearing heat and humidity to head down to the garment district and do some damage at the beading stores. I finished 2 necklaces and have 2 others almost done, those need closures (apparently I misplaced/got rid of some of my jewelry making supplies somewhere along the way), and I have to say they came out pretty close to the image in my head!

I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow, I plan to wear the black/white necklace to work. Now that I have clean clothes again I can pick the outfit to work around the necklace. ;o)

Knitting-wise, I'm almost done with the body of my mom's sweater and I got a few more inches done on the brown blanket. Oh, and I ironed the interfacing to the back of the cummerbund belt, so after a photo shoot that pattern should be up pretty soon! Finally.

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July 18, 2006

Ohhhh…I’m looking forward to seeing the jewellry.

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