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Remember this post, and this huge pile of Koigu Kersti?

If you don't remember, don't feel bad, it's been a while. I aquired most of this random pile while doing inventory at work, they were all the odd skeins of Kersti that we had in stock one day. I was sick of seeing them take up space, and even sicker of having to dissapoint people by saying, "that's the last skein of that color," AND I had this idea to make a random blanket from would-be clashing colors, so . . . the random skeins came to live with me.

On Saturday I finally started working on the blanket (nevermind that my mom's cardigan still doesn't have a second sleeve. . .) and actually made some progress. This is actually the 3rd version of this "random" blanket, I had previously started and dismissed two other versions, one with random striping and one done like a Kaffe triangles thing. I think 3rd time's the charm, though, because I'm copying someone brilliant and that's always good.

Here is the start of my trying-to-be-chance log cabin:

(Sorry for the strange color, the flash did some weird things to this shot)

I used the random number generator just like Cara, but since I have one skein each of many colors and I want to use them each once, I set the generator for a number between 10 and 40 instead of her settings of 1 and 20. What's really weird is that the random number generator came up with pretty similar numbers for the first 4 strips, so this section actually looks pretty even! The strip you see going down the right should have been wider according to the generator, but I ran out of yarn before I got to 37 ridges.

I've started on the second tier now, and I'm really liking the way it looks! It's not quite as random as I expected, but I know it'll get more random simply because I will start running out of yarn earlier and earlier in each piece, and I'm happy with that idea. The only consistency I'm putting in is to alternate between pale and bright colors so that they will stack atop eachother, which I find more visiually interesting than the more traditional arrangement of L-shaped light and dark halves. I went through the stock of Kersti before I started and there are slightly more pale/neutral skeins that bright/dark ones, but I can always buy a few more to even it out if it comes down to that.

I hope this will come out about 45" x 60" or so, which to me is the perfect "throw" size. I have plenty of yarn so that shouldn't be a problem!

I also plan on doing some kind of border all around using all the leftovers. Right now I'm thinking of either knitting a strip of small squares and sewing them around all 4 sides, or possibly crocheting different-colored squares right onto the edge as a border. . . I don't have to make that decision for quite a while though, so I'm not gonna sweat it.

I'm not usually much of a "joiner," but this is really fun!

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