I love me a good button.

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grey button

Yesterday I had to go to the garment distric for beads to make stitch markers, so of course I ended up at a trimming store. I had this grey piece in my purse "just in case" the perfect button popped up, and it's a good thing too because look how beautiful this button is! Nevermind the button cost over $6.00 (!!!!) and the size is a little bigger than I wanted, it looks so good with the knitting I had to do it. At least I only need one for this design.

I think native New Yorkers don't realize how good we have it here. Being able to go to the garment district and walk into a store that has an entire room devoted to buttons? That's awesome! If you're ever in NYC and want to see what I'm talking about, go to M&J Trimming, it's on 6th Ave bet 37th & 38th. The website's nothing compared to the store, the button room alone has 12-foot walls filled with buttons . . . it's overwhelming. And they're much cheaper than buying them in specialty stores like knitting stores or Tender Buttons.
In the last week I've knit a v-neck pullover for myself and started and almost finished this grey cardigan. I decided that the old method of Getting Through The Stash wasn't working for me, so I came up with an alternate idea: Find the bulky stuff in the stash and knit it up as fast as possible. And that's working!

I'll post a picture of the red pullover as soon as I can take a decent shot of it. I don't think I'll be doing a pattern for it because it's rather simple. I'm going to try to finish the grey cardigan today, and that one will definitely be a Chiagu pattern, so I probably won't show other pictures of it until it's ready to go.

And my mom's cardigan? Still doesn't have the 2nd sleeve. Were any of you interested in that being written up for sale? If so drop me a comment and I'll get started writting out what I did, it's extra incentive to get the thing done already.


PS -- I know this blog is all over the place lately, but that's just me, I get all into something and run wildly with it, then drop it when the next thing comes along . . . right now I'm in a hugely productive spell so expect some cool stuff in the new few days/weeks

PPS -- If you're in NYC you should come check out String's huge clearance sale going on until Aug 19th. There are some amazing deals to be had! You can get an idea what's on sale by going to String's website.

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August 22, 2006

That button is gorgeous. Ridiculously expensive, but gorgeous.

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