New Stitch Markers!

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Added to the Chiagu Store today:


starfish stitch markers

And Moons:

moon stitch markers
I like the moons so much I'm keeping a set for myself!

As you probably would guess, I'm forever misplacing my tools and gadgets, despite having several designated places where they belong. I have a circular solution for my needles, but half of them end up in a pile next to the holder instead of in the holder. . . I have two zippered cases for tools, but neither has exactly what I need when I need it, of course. And the markers? I have tons. Every kind they make, plastic, rubber, safety-pin, handmade, beaded, you name it.

My favorites are my sterling silver initial marker and a tiny sterling silver penguin which was originally a bracelet charm that I turned into a stitch marker. Those are in constant rotation, and I find every time I get to the marker it makes me smile that they're so cute! There's just no comparison to boring orange bits of plastic! (Although those do have their place, namely on projects that require more than a handful of markers per row, where I find them quicker to slip and less bulky across the entire row.)

I recently found a source for much cheaper sterling silver charms and I'm debating whether to order some to make more luxury stitch markers like the initials. Would there be any interest in those? And if so, what types would you want? Animals? Flowers?

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