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Have I mentioned lately how much I love working in a yarn shop?

We got two new things in the store today and I am totally excited! First is a circular needle holder by Della Q that is absolutely gorgeous. It's made of purple silk with a contrasting striped orange detail and has pockets perfect for storing circulars, as well as a zipper pocket for your stitch holders and whatnot. The details on this holder are immaculate, and it doesn't hurt that purple is one of my favorite colors! This one came home with me and I've already put it to work!

circular needle holder

(the picture's a little over-developed, the real color is more purple and less silver)

And you see that peeking out of the pocket? That's the new Lantern Moon circular!! FINALLY! Here's a closeup:

Lantern Moon circular

We only got them in the 26" length for now, after waiting the better part of a year for them to arrive. I really like this needle! We got both the Ebony circulars and this Rosewood kind, and they're both wonderful.

I took this one for a test drive already and it's almost as smooth as my favorite Addis, the cable isn't all kinked up like other plastic cabled needles, and the join is really smooth. The join is almost identical to Crystal Palace circulars in that the cable rotates within the metal piece, which is something I don't require in needles but it's kinda cool. It certainly doesn't detract from the needle in any way. The biggest lure of these needles is the unbelievably smooth finish of the wood, it's like nothing else out there!

I used to tell all my customers that if I could knit on straights that I would knit everything on Lantern Moon needles . . . and now I can!

This needle is a size 9, which conveniently is the size I need for my mom's cardigan -- a little bribe to make myself finish that last sleeve?

I'll let you know tomorrow if it worked.

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August 17, 2006

would you believe that I just got that same fabric in a dellaq bag?? can’t post pics as my computer crashed.. sigh sigh.. I also love the lantern moons.. got 2 pairs.. must check out the circ needle holders..
you know your a troublemaker?? picked up some of that stormy cuz I saw it here…

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