It just keeps on raining.

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For over a week already this is what greets me every morning when I start up my computer and it loads up Google's start page:


We were planning on taking a trip this weekend but everywhere we checked has this same nasty weather! Miami, Boston, Chicago, it's miserable everywhere. If the weather's gonna suck either way, I'll just stay here, knitting on the couch and save my money for later.

When the weather stays bad like this for too many days in a row, my join problems start acting up and it's really difficult for me to knit. On Tues & Wed this week I was in so much pain that I didn't knit a single stitch! Then the pressure changed and it got much colder outside and whatever it is that changes in the weather when that happens broke, and now I feel fine again. In fact I feel so good physically that I started cranking on the knitting.

I finished the back of the Stormy sweater dress with about half of the 3rd ball remaining, so we're on track to use 10 balls total (WOO!). I wove in all the ends on Weekend, the grey cardigan I flashed a preview of earlier, and even sewed on the button! I'm almost done with the pattern but pictures will have to wait until there's decent light, the ones I've tried with the flash don't look good enouhg.

I'm also getting a lot done on the new grey project, see?

Cabling while working short rows turned out to be harder than I anticipated, it hadn't occurred to me that I would have to keep track of each individual cable's row counts because they would all differ from eachother . . . despite carefully planning before casting on (which is my only "secret" to producing successful projects, swatch, measure and PLAN PLAN PLAN!), I was really surprised by the actual execution this time. I'm really pleased with how it's coming along, I'm on the 4th ball of what I expect will be 12 total balls, so about a third of the way through. Cabling and short rowing require lots of attention and they also tire my hands out very quickly, so I can't work on this for too long without taking breaks.

And peeking out from under the cabled, short-rowed opus? Yet another new project!!!! What am I thinking!?!?!

I actually already 'fessed up to this project in an earlier entry, plus in my defense I am using yarn rescued from a failed project, so it's kinda not really a new project . . . and I'm really loving the way the stripes look! I just started that one yesterday and already have the back knit almost to the armholes. I keep wavering between making this a vest or a short-sleeved pullover . . . at the moment I'm leaning towards short sleeves, because I have enough yarn to do them and because I never wear vests (gee, that didn't occur to me before?) . . . but I reserve the right to change my mind.

And now I'm signing off, because I am actually going to the gym. There's a saying in Brazil that everyone yells when something happens that just never happens: Ta chuvendo!

It literally translates to "It's raining!", and is best delivered in a jubilant, sarcastic yell that is completely appropriate right about now.

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