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Posted on September 21, 2006 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

From the complete lack of knitting content on this here blog lately, I bring you this picture:

Ballet flats

Of my cute new shoes! On sale at Nine West, in case you want your own pair.

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September 25, 2006

first off, did i tell you i am obsessed with that yarn???!!! secondly, you really should be a’re ideas and patterns are amazing. did i tell you i am obsessed with that yarn?!!!! i do think with your design elements you should force them to make up some more colors! secondly, something about knitting you would think would prevent you from eating..NOT THE CASE! that pig out session was truly disgusting especially because I ate most of it. how is it possible to knit and eat at the same time?!
and regarding your counting…my left front has 30 stitches and my right front has 28 doesn’t seem right but the back has 76 like it’s supposed to.hmmmmm…i’m just gonna keep going i hope i don’t have to RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!


September 27, 2006

Those are adorable!

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