Knitting at the Yankees Game

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Koigu knit at the Yankees game!
(that's my Giambi shirt under the knitting. I wanted a Proctor one but they didn't have it)

Have you ever wondered how much knitting I could get done during a Yankees game? No? Well this picture shows you how much! I cast on during the first inning and knit pretty much the whole time, except for when I was clapping/eating hot dogs/shading my eyes. When I got home I counted the rows and multiplied to see how many stitches I'd knit: about 5,500!

The guy sitting in front of me kept turning around to ask if I was done yet, and the woman sitting near him complimented my color choice, but other than that my knitting went unnoticed by all in the bleachers.

So now I can add Baseball Game to my list of places I've knit in public. And this marks my 3rd professional sporting event knit at, too! The previous two were a Rangers hockey game and a Giants football game. The key to knitting at a sporting event is picking something that you don't have to look at, that packs up small and provides a lot of knitting (not chunky knitting because you have to bring lots of balls with you!).

Oh, and before you ask, it's Koigu color P604, knit on size 5 needles. I bought this 2 years ago and still love the color, it's even prettier in person.

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