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Above is a bad picture of where my handspun/Cascade 220 pullover is currently. I finished the back, front and one sleeve, and sewed them all together to make sure the sleeve cap was OK and the cuff length was good. You'd think after knitting upteen sweaters I'd know exactly what measurements to make everything for myself, but you'd be wrong. First, I'm always trying to make things better (one could argue this is a character flaw). Plus, it's rare for anything to come out exactly like you imagined, so there's always a little fudging that happens somewhere in a project, no matter how many pullovers with set in sleeves and waist shaping you've done. (if this isn't true for you, please don't tell me)

The "issue" with this one (aside from the design issues I've already covered which were mostly due to yarn choice), was the collar. I wasn't sure what kind of neckline I wanted, so I kept trying to leave it for last. If you're ever knit a pullover you know that's not exactly possible, you have to shape the upper body somehow for the neckline to work . . . finally inspiration struck me on the street when I saw a certain type of mockneck collar on a fellow rider on the M79, and I had my collar. I merrily knit away to finish the front, then immediately cast on for the first sleeve and finished it in record time.

I took a time out to sew it all together to see if it fit, and I am really pleased! It looks like it's gonna work out! And I even have enough of the handspun to do the neck finishing, amazingly it looks like I planned the handspun use exactly correctly. Now how often does that happen?

Packing this and several other projects to bring with me for a day of turkey with Adam's family tomorrow. Gotta get them used to my knitting compulsion early.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Be careful driving tonight.

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November 27, 2006

I’ll let you know if I cannot find the vest pattern locally. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you.

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