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(I am really proud of this shot!)

Yep, I finished something! I am very happy with how this pullover came out and will be writing the pattern up for sale sometime soon. I especially like how the body of the sweater came out like a blank canvas in contrast to the edges, I think it really makes the handspun stand out without looking like there's too much going on. It's a really great way to use up those "special" skeins of yarn we all pick up as souvenirs or keepsakes and then hoard because there's really nothing good you can make out of just 2 balls of something really great! (gee, that might have been a run-on sentence) The pattern will include instructions for figuring out how far your "special" yarn will go and altering the edge width to accommodate the yarn supply, so you can really make use of what you've got.

I also almost finished the front on the Koigu Cashmere pullover (would have been finished except I split the front wrong and ended up with 2 more stitches on the right than the left. I swear I counted it twice, too!). I've modified the plan for this pullover so many times, I feel like when I finally finish it the sweater will be a complete surprise! I've now decided to make poofy cap sleeves, because I just bought a new top with the cutest sleeves and I'm currently obsessed with them. So the new design challenge is to figure out how to make them work with the rest of the body. Which wouldn't be difficult except that I knit the ribbing holding two stands of yarn together to give it a chunky feel, which I will echo in the neckline finishing, but it really isn't going to work on the edge of a poofy cap sleeve.

So now I'm debating whether it matters to make the sleeve edge match the body (I'm of course very particular about this), or knit the sleeves single-stranded and not worry about matching, OR secret option #3, knit the entire poofy sleeves with two stands in rib to match. If you couldn't guess, I'm currently leaning toward secret option #3, but I'm not positive it will work. Which basically means I will have to knit a test sleeve and try it on, and then decide. But I can't do that until I reknit the 2nd half of the front. And then knit the neckline trim, sew the shoulder seams and sew in the neck trim. Off to work on that now!

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