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So you know my plan to make Koigu kneehighs from my leftovers? Well, I finally decided to start (spurred on by Caryn wanting to join me) so I started gathering up the Koigu leftovers. It turns out that at some point in my packing/repacking I had actually already gathered all the Koigu leftovers, and this is the sum total of them:

Koigu Leftovers

In my mind's eye, I had pictured, oh, 5 times this amount. Even further digging only resulted in 2 more partial balls.

I am not surprised that what I think I have and what I actually have differ by such a large amount. But what are the chances that the actual amounts would be less than I expected? Slim to none, to be sure. This is too weird.

I've been trying to figure out how come I have so relatively few Koigu leftovers, and I've come up with a few reasons why I thought there was so much more than there is:

  1. I hoard Koigu like it's going out of style, so when I use it I plan appropriate projects that don't result in wasted yarn.
  2. Such "appropriate" projects are usually the type where you knit until you run out of yarn, again so that little Koigu goes to waste.
  3. I don't like to wind the skein before I know they'll get used, so when I'm in the planning/swatching stage of a new Koigu project, I use scraps from an old Koigu project to try my ideas on, so that if I change my mind the new Koigu is still new and perfect in its skein (wow I sound like a nutcase).
  4. I might have been confused as to the ratio of New Koigu Stash to Koigu Scraps Stash. In my mind's eye, the Koigu Scraps Stash looks a lot like this:
Koigu Collection
(the New Koigu Stash, in all its glory)

So it looks like I don't have enough Koigu Leftovers to make several sets of kneehighs. But I do have enough to make one set, and I plan to measure my leg and start on that tonight. And if I have to break into some new balls, that's ok. I think there are some available.

On the bright side, I did find 2 sets of size 1 DPNs in the bag with all the Koigu leftovers. I guess sometimes I put like with like, although it would be nice if I remembered that I had done it.

OH, and while we're talking about Koigu (since that talk is so rare around these parts), did you hear that the Koigu book has SOLD OUT its first printing? String sold out our first order in less than a month, and when I went to reorder today, I was told I can't get any more! Selling out within a month of publication is pretty much unheard of in our little industry. The second edition is being printed right now but probably won't ship for a few months.

I am so happy for Taiu and Maie! And I'm even happier that I already got my copy. ;o)

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February 26, 2009

Thanks for sending me the link to this post..I love #3!

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