Yet another new sock . . .

Posted on May 30, 2007 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

I seem to have started yet another sock.

This is the Twisted Flower Socks pattern from Cookie A, knit in Koigu (of course!) color 2128. This shade defies photography, it's a subtle tone-on-tone mauve/pink/purple. Ever since I first saw this pattern over at Knitters Annonymous I pictured it knit up in an almost solid color of Koigu, and then when I saw this particular shade I just knew this was it! I managed to wait about 2 weeks since buying that yarn to let myself cast on, but that's about as much restraint as I could muster.

I have to say that this is one of the more difficult patterns I've ever knit, especially considering it's a sock! There's something going on every.single.row and it's always different than the row below, so you really have to pay attention. No day dreaming during this project!

I knit a bunch on it at physical therapy tonight (my knee is finally getting better! woo!), and given that I have PT 3 nights a week I should be able to get lots of more knit during the next three weeks.

If I don't start something else in the meantime . . .

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June 02, 2007

Cookie’s patterns are all beautiful. But Twisted Flower, while amazing, is a sock that I will never knit. I just don’t want to do all of that work for a sock. I just refuse. i can see why many are taken with it, I just can’t do it. I possess the ability to do so, but it seems very complicated and requires mroe energy than I want to put into making a sock.

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