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Last weekend's TNNA show was a big wake up call for me: I need to finish some things up so that come fall (which in retail starts in late July/early August!) I will be able to partake in some of the new yummyness without having to move out of my apartment to store it all . . . which bring us to, of course, the list. I figure it's easier to pick the projects that are the closest to being finished, get those finished, and then move on down the list.

Since I know that I have a tendency to rebel against even my self-imposed rules, I won't make myself promise to finish everything before starting something new, but I want to keep the new project number lower than the finished project number . . . so for every 2 projects off the list I can add one. That should be easy enough to live with.

And just for the record, the Twisted Flowers socks are no longer a WIP, I ripped them out. They were too tight and too fiddly, too much work to go hidden on my feet!

So here's my list of projects to finish within the next month (in order of most finished to least finished):

  1. Nicole (only finishing left!)
  2. My mom's cardigan's last sleeve (ducking before someone throws something at me!)
  3. Fuschia Aurora 8 cardigan from current Vogue (this one's almost definitely a loser, I think I'm throwing it out)
  4. Orange summer top
  5. Frost Flowers shawl
  6. Kersti Log Cabin blanket (just needs a border and finishing)
  7. Katherine Hepburn cardigan
  8. Orange O-wool Balance cardigan
  9. Yankees socks
  10. Pomatomus hybrid socks
  11. Fleece Artist socks
  12. My dad's Beau
  13. Stormy cardigan

This is not a completely list since it doesn't include several long-term projects (like the Map of the World blanket and Little Rivers, just to name a few), but it doesn't bother me at all to have those HUGE projects still lingering. It's the small ones which are so close to done that are hanging over my head so heavily . . .

Before the summer's over I want to knit at least a few more more summer-weight projects, I recently bought two bags of summer yarns and have a project picked out for the one yarn but am planning on what to make with the other (navy Wool Cotton, so yummy!). The navy is calling to me so loudly that it should be pretty good incentive to get some of the above off the list!

What's really bad is that I already have a pretty long list of projects to cast on next: the dress from Runway Knits, the Twinkle cardigan from the current Vogue, the first String Direct project . . .

Not to mention all the designs floating around in my head, waiting their turn to come out!!

I think I need a knitting assistant.

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June 11, 2007

Good luck with getting some of your projects under control. I guess that’s not as bad as I thought it might be. It’s good you’re a fast knitter. And please, oh, please, finish your mom’s sweater already!! I was wondering what was happening with Map of the World, but that is definitely a long-term project.


June 11, 2007

A knitting assistant – now there’s an idea! I love one just to do my finishing…

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