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Yes, yet more retail indulging has taken place chez Knotology. Witness today's haul:

Both are new items at String, both arrived today, and both happened to jump into my bag. . .

I decided to treat myself to a full set of Addi Turbo Lace Needles because, well, because I love them. I'm using size 3's for a lace project right now, and they are perfect in every way. And I particularly love the red cable, it makes me happy just looking at it! I definitely wouldn't want to knit stockinette on these babies (the slightly stickier surface slows me down considerably, if you've ever seen me knit you know I have no patience for slow!), but lace or other complicated patterns is an absolute pleasure with the sharper tips and grippier (AS IF that's a word) finish. They're wonderful! So wonderful I stuck them up in the online store already. ;o)

And I also got a bottle of Soak, also new to us today. We decided to start slow and order only the "starter set" version of Soak, which usually is sold as a 3-pack of 4 oz bottles sold together. We're splitting the 3-pack up and selling them individually for $10 each, which is perfect for me because I absolutely love the orange and red scents (I can never remember what they're called) but I don't like the blue one much at all. I've already broken this bottle in by washing a lace scarf that will be next month's "accessory" String Direct pattern . . .

More tomorrow, off to put my new needles in my Circular Solution and block that scarf!

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July 01, 2007

A small fortune in Addis! I finally relented and bought size 1 and 2 to test them out.

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