Oh the shame.

Posted on July 28, 2007 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

It's kind of depressing when you are so embarrassed at your lack of discipline that you don't even want to write about it on the blog. The reason I've been quiet this week is that I started, like, 3 new projects this week. All with new yarn. And I want more new yarn. Badly.

Here's the best of the new projects, and also the one closest to being done (courtesy of HP7!):

This is a pullover of my own design, knit from brand-spanking-new yarn, Punta del Este Mericash Hand Painted (now that's a mouthful) in color #5. The color is this absolutely stunning, although completely undefinable, berry/brown/beige/pink that is spot-on for my color tastes. And the yarn. Oh, the yarn is unbelievably soft, knits up beautifully and is everything I've ever wanted from a yarn (at the moment, we all know me to be a fickle knitter).

This sweater will be a cozy pullover, which initially was going to be much simpler than it turned out -- I was thinking of replacing my favorite Davos Pullover that I lost 2 years ago, which was this perfect, cozy, sweatshirt-like pullover that I wore all the time. But as I knit the body I decided I wanted to spice it up a little bit and remembered a sketch I had from a long time ago showing this upper-body treatment . . . and when I tried it in this yarn I really liked how the colors and textures played together, so it stayed. The sleeves will be roomy stockinette, but the first sleeve is barely started . . .

Because 2 days ago I received some new yarn in the mail and had to start yet another new project . . .

I've been trying to keep myself from buying anything else until at least next month (ah, only 4 days left of this month!!) but it's hard. At this very moment, as I type, I am repeatedly talking myself out of ordering enough yarn to make Babette (I don't want to use Koigu, I want it to be bigger so will use thicker yarn). I've been struggling with this for the last week, it's a good thing I haven't figured out what colors I want to make it in yet, or I'm not sure I would still be holding out.

We've already gotten so much of our fall order at the store, and so many of the new fall yarns are so gorgeous -- it's like I can feel something inside me straining, yearning, to buy it all. I think maybe I'm addicted to shopping. Yarn shopping, specifically. Just this week I was labeling new yarn from Filatura and it was all I could do not to take at least ONE ball to swatch with . . . but I left it, and even though I stared at it really hard again today, it didn't come home with me.

I have (almost) no willpower.

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July 29, 2007

I just wanted to say hi, because I saw you on the Ravelry NYC group and was seriously impressed with your Koigu stash. (As well as your knitting, obviously.) I’ll definitely stop by String sometime, it looks like you have amazing stuff!



July 30, 2007

Ha ha you are a true yarn addict. Your work is beautiful- Keep going!! I just bought some fingering weight Koigu and I know it is going to take me forever to finish anything but since I made the $$ investment in these colors I feel compelled….http://indianhillmediaworks.typepad.com/yarntalk/

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