The week's gone.

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How is it that the week you're on vacation is the week that always flies by the fastest?

I had grand plans and only got to half my list. At least I got the very important items off the list (like getting my dress altered so I can wear it to the wedding on Sunday, and getting my hair cut by my favorite hairdresser back in Jersey).

The one thing I can say I did *really* well is relax and zone out, which I normally suck at. I have a tendency to go 100 MPH all the time and eventually crash. I'm working on it, but I'm not good at setting limits or doing anything "within reason" -- I jump into the deep end and fight hard to make it work. Usually it does, sometimes it doesn't, but I'm often tired, frustrated and stressed out. Not a good way to be all the time, and this week I was, thankfully, successful in my attempt to leave everything behind and just chill out . . . although it would have been good if I had gotten the bathroom cleaned, and more knitting finished, but those things aren't as important.

Speaking of knitting, I am almost done with the wedding gift Ab Fab -- I say yet again, if I wasn't so damn bored knitting this same thing over again, it would have been done already. I can knit feather and fan with my eyes closed (literally) but with an Ab Fab, you have to change yarns every 4 rows and pay attention to the fuzzy mohair, so something that should be mindless and easy ends up being mindless and tedious . . . at least on this 3rd version, for me. I get bored easily. Have you noticed?
I have to finish by Sunday though, so I'm barreling through one way or another.

And the LBD? I haven't decided what to do about her yet. I did contact Berta to let her know the problem (she said, "Oh, no one's knit that one yet!") and I think I know what I'm going to do to fix her, but I am so disgusted that I know full well she's not getting done anytime soon. I have another perfectly acceptable dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner.

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August 28, 2007

I always feel the same way — there’s more to accomplish! My latest trick that works well is cleaning in small spurts. This is great in the bathroom. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar & water on hand, and I can spritz the mirror while I’m brushing my teeth. Similarly with the sink. Before I walk out, I might run a paper towel across the floor to pick up hair & dust. You’d be surprised how these little measures around the house can add up.

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