I love me a short week!

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Makes it much easier to go back to work after a vacation if you start out with a short week! You know what else makes it easier? The fact that I get to go to work and look at tons of gorgeous new yarns! I know, rub it in right? What can I say, I'm lucky to be surrounded by colorful beauty at my day job . . . though my checkbook might disagree.

I may have bought some of that new yarn already . . .

This picture's a little too bright, in real life the colors are more jewel-toned and saturated . . . can you guess what it is?

Koigu, duh! Koigu Cashmere color c628, to be exact, one of the new colors we just got in. I feakin' love it. I'm making a stole of my own design, I decided I need a wrap that's lightweight enough to wear in the fall without a jacket but big enough to wear over my winter coat when it's really cold outside. Fingering weight cashmere is perfect and since it's really warm but very light, it'll be easy to stuff in my purse when I'm not using it.

Speaking of cashmere, I finishing the knockoff cardigan except for buttons and buttonbands. I need to buy the buttons before I knit the bands, so it will have to wait until next week. It came out amazingly well and I barely had to rip or redo any of it! That's practically unheard of when you're designing something, and to be honest I expected this one to be tough because it's knit side to side, in one piece with short row shaping all over it . . . and aside from some row gauge wonkiness, everything worked out perfectly on the first try! Gotta love that. I've decided to name her Vivian, and I promise to show pictures once she's washed and buttoned. Probably won't write a pattern for it because it's such a close copy of the designer sweater (although I didn't reverse engineer it, I just used the picture, it's not like I measured it or counted stitches or anything!), so I'm not sure why I named her, but she gave me a vibe and I went with it.

The wedding blanket has about 10% more work left before it's done, but it's been decided that we're not giving it to them at the event (we're going to bring it to their apartment after their honeymoon) so I get an extra week to procrastinate! I'm thinking of starting Tangled Yoke . . .

Have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!

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September 01, 2007

Koigu and cashmere? Be still my beating heart :)

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