What a wedding!

Posted on September 03, 2007 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

It sure felt like longer than just a weekend! Not only were there multiple events, staying at someone's house with a bunch of other wedding guests makes for All Wedding, All The Time. I'm exhausted! It was a gorgeous ceremony and great party, complete with a really good band (I generally hate these sorts of bands but these guys were good!). We got to see lots of friends who live far away, ate great food, danced a lot . . . everything you expect from a great party. I almost ruined my makeup crying at the ceremony . . .

Want to see pictures? Here's my favorite of Adam and me, grinning like fools:

Click the picture to go to the wedding set at Flickr, if you're interested.

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September 04, 2007

fools hardly..you look absolutely gorgeous!

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