I saw a full rainbow today!

Posted on September 28, 2007 by knittingpatterns4you | 1 Comment

I got chills looking at it! Does that make me a total dork?

This has been a crazy, crazy week. I am exhausted and there is a weird pain in my left shoulder that's keeping me from doing many of the things I love to do as much as I love to do them (namely knit and sleep), so I've been grouchier than usual, too. Busy and grouchy are not a great combination . . .

There were a few bright spots to this week, though, like the Twinkle knitting event that took place last night at Anthropologie -- it was packed with people knitting chunky yarn, and they gave us 15% off anything in the store! So I bought myself a pretty necklace. I really liked some of their bedsheets but even with the discount they were kind of expensive and I'm trying to save money right now . . . because Adam and I are going on vacation in December! That's the other bright spot in this week, I got to nail down my last vacation week of the year and I'm really looking forward to taking a big trip.

We're not 100% set on a destination yet, but I want to buy the tickets and reserve the hotel by next week so we don't end up going nowhere like on my last vacation week. My sister works for a big hotel chain so I can use her discount, and I checked and there were cheap hotels in Fiji for that week! I started getting all excited until I looked up flights to go there -- not only do they cost almost $2K, it takes over 22 hours to get there! So we dismissed that idea and now we're looking at Europe. A 9 hour flight is much more doable, even with plenty of knitting to do I think I would go crazy sitting in a plane for an entire day!

Gotta go get ready for dinner, knitting content tomorrow or Sunday!

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October 01, 2007

No! I get chills and a big smile looking at the smallest of rainbows.

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