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Posted on October 06, 2007 by knittingpatterns4you | 2 Comments

Today I got my order of Tanglewood Fibers handspun Merino in Northwest Winter, enough to make a cozy pullover. I'm picturing something slightly oversized with a wide funnel neck collar, perfect for fall days (if they ever come), the perfect feel-good sweater. This yarn is so gorgeous, it's all I can do not to wind it up and start knitting right now. I'm kind of into big sweaters right now, not chunky but loose-fitting. That and baby-doll shaped clothes, I've gone a little nuts lately buying maternity-looking tops. One of my customers told me I'll be all set when I have a baby, I can just recycle 2007's wardrobe . . .

I also bought a bag of cashmere today in a gorgeous heathery burgundy color, to make a loose-fitting cropped jacket. This is brand new yarn that just came into String, and it's some of the most gorgeous stuff I've ever had the pleasure of knitting. I'm so excited for this project that I'm delaying starting the Tanglewood . . . for now.

Did I mention I'm going to Stitches next Sunday?

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October 06, 2007

Uhm, yeah, what about your trip?


October 07, 2007

You always seem to have so many projects going! I can just imagine how gorgeous the sweater you’ll make out of this Tanglewood yarn will be!

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