Kureyon Sock Crochet Scarf

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Yep, you read that right, crochet scarf. On Saturday I got a very clear picture in my head of this exact scarf knit out of this exact color of Kureyon Sock, which I've had sitting in my stash ever since the yarn came out. I found out recently that I can't knit with this stuff, it cramps up my hands within minutes (aside: so much for hoping the CTS release surgery was going to allow me to knit all fibers without pain!), but unfortunately I already owned several skeins when I realized this. The good news is it turns out I can crochet with it just fine!

After a few rows of this soothing (and slightly boring) stitch I remembered what specifically I like better about knitting: I can do it without looking down! With crochet I have to look at least a little to see where the hook needs to go, whereas with knitting the next stitch only has one place to go so I can do it by feel alone. After working on this scarf for about a day, I've gotten my crochet groove back enough that I now only need to look down a tiny bit, but it's still way more than I need to look in order to knit (unless I'm working cables or something, obviously!).

I'm starting to worry I'm going to run out of yarn before this scarf is long enough to use, though . . . there's so much yardage in a ball of Kureyon Sock that I thought I could get a really wide scarf out of it, but I guess I forgot about the "crochet takes more yarn than knitting" rule! There's no way I'm ripping it all out to start over, I wonder how much I can get it to stretch with a good block?

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