Ok, I lied.

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I did rip out the scarf!

Last night, when I got to the last few yards of yarn, I tried the scarf on and immediately knew I absolutely could not wear it. It was MUCH too short, and at that short length, ridiculously too wide. I just couldn't deal with having such a terrible project on my hands after hours and hours of work; In the end the compulsive side of me won out. It turns out I'd rather spend twice as much time to get the project done right than just make due with a bad FO. Good to know!

As it happens, I was also wrong about the Kureyon not bothering me as long as I crochet it instead of knitting it. My entire arm was throbbing yesterday and I kept thinking it was due the crappy weather we were having. THEN I picked up the scarf again and immediately realized what was making my arm hurt from shoulder to fingers! Turns out I squish my right shoulder way up when crocheting, no wonder my arm was killing me. I spent yesterday's crochet time trying to concentrate on better crochet form and making smaller motions, and so far it seems to be working. Too bad I now have the same amount of work ahead of me as I do behind me on this scarf!

In the interest of not having a post with no photo, here's my favorite shot of Arnold to date:

Oh, and I'm making asparagus risotto tonight . . . stay tuned!

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