Nevermind on that hat.

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The just-started hat I showed you 2 days ago is no more. When I got to the end and tried it on, it was all wrong -- too narrow, too long, and the earflaps were too shallow. This is what happens sometimes when you just cast on and start knitting without any plans! Oh well, at least it was nice yarn to work with! I've reskeined it and put it back in the stash for later . . . I'm sure a better project will come up eventually for such gorgeous yarn!

Speaking of gorgeous, the weather's finally better today! It was so sunny when I woke up that I thought it would also be super-warm outside, so I wore flip-flops when I took the dog out this morning, but that turned out to be a mistake -- it was only 40 degrees outside! It's warmed up a bit since and it's still sunny outside, so my mood is better than it's been the last few days. Even the dog is in a better mood, I think he "inherited" my weather-dependent moods!

Speaking of Arnold, how cute is this picture I took of him the other day? It's my new favorite!

I'm really struggling to get the Leila pattern out to you all . . . it's turned out to be a much harder pattern to write than I expected based on how symmetrical and simple the lace pattern is. I'm still hoping to have it out sooner rather than later, but I don't know exactly when that will be at this point . . .

Oh, and you know what's for dinner tomorrow night? Baked wings! Yeah!

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