Yet another adorable stuffie pattern!

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I don't know what's going on with knitting patterns recently, but it seems like the knitting world it out to get me to knit stuffies! Checkout out the new Knitty, my favorite pattern is this crab, called the Deadliest Crab. The details on this little guy are stunning, and we're huge fans of the Deadliest Catch show that inspired him . . . I really may be casting on for this guy later this week!

I also quite like the shawl pattern Cold Mountain and the Outside In socks. This issue of Knitty is definitely one of the best I've seen in a while, usually there's nothing in them that I want to knit but to have 3 potentials in one issue? That's awesome!

Is it possible there's a conspiracy to distract me from my pattern-writing with cute new patterns? Ah, a convenient excuse for why the Leila pattern isn't out yet . . . just what I need! Ha!

In all seriousness, I am *almost* done with it. Really! The laceweight sample is about half done after several hours of work on it last night. And it's a good thing I'm reknitting it, I found several small errors and have added more stitch counts, which always helps! I did get sidetracked by submissions to IK's spring issue, which I still need to get in the mail tomorrow to meet the deadline, but after that I'm spending all my knitting time on Leila. I'm really getting the itch to finishing some of my long-standing UFOs, too (spefically Babette and the Anne top), hopefully there will be more knitting content around here soon! I can't believe it's been so long since my last FO post . . .

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June 11, 2009

I love that crab stuffy, too!! I can’t get enough of little knitted toys, even people who don’t really care for hand knits seem to go wild for them.

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