What a week!

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I've been swamped at work getting ready for next week, which should be another doozy. I'm super-excited to be half-way through my 4-day weekend right now, though! I plan to do lots of cooking and knitting over the next few days. Speaking of which, we're getting a dishwasher today! I should be able to cook even more now that we won't have to fight about doing the dishes every time I cook . . .

Even though I haven't had time to blog or even read blogs this week, I have been knitting. I am more than half-way through the "boy" version of the baby blanket:

The brownish color in this picture is actually pretty accurate, which means that this is going to be one odd baby blanket. The brown All Seasons Cotton I had in my stash is a very dark heathery brown color, and the little bits of blue you see in the bottom (they look almost white in this picture but it's actually blue). There are two eyelet rows in the blanket, one near the beginning and one just before the edging, and my plan is to knit both in the blue. If there's enough yarn left over, I'll also do a row of single crochet around the outside using the blue, but I don't think there will be enough yarn (I only have 1 skein).

After knitting a sizable amount of this color I realized just how dark it is. It's pretty dark for a baby thing! I'm considering washing the blanket using one of those dye-capturing products (like the RIT Color Remover) that suck out extra dye from garments, to hopefully lighten the whole thing to a less sombre color. Since ASC is machine-washable, I should be able to do this without ruining the knitting. Do any of you have any experience using these? I'd love to hear your comments!

I've also started my next shawl design:

Doesn't look like much but it's already way bigger since taking this picture! This next shawl is made out of Dream in Color again, but this time it's the sock weight Smooshy (link to The Loopy Ewe Smooshy stock, that's where I bought mine) in the color Wisterious. Love that name! And the color is pretty awesome too, it shades from pink to lavender and has spots of a more yellowish-shade of each color throughout. I think it's those yellowing spots that makes the color really POP! I'll try to capture the full range of colors the next time we have good lighting in the apartment . . .

Anyway, for this design I'm breaking my usual top-down shawl construction method and starting from the bottom. The first thing that's knit is a leaf border, then stitches are picked up along the border and the shawl is knit up in a simple K2tog/SSK and YO pattern. My idea was to make it resemble a garden structure with a vine growing along its edge . . . we'll see how it looks when it's done! I'm almost finished with the leaf border and should be picking up stitches before the end of my extended weekend. Will post more pictures soon.

And speaking of pictures, I'm planning to re-shoot all my previous designs and put better photos in the patterns as well as the pattern pages. Ever since I got this DSLR camera, all my previous pictures are simply PAINFUL for me to look at! I was getting a new round of ads ready to list on Ravelry and realized how unhappy I am with my previous pictures. It's going to be quite the project to get everything photographed again, but it'll be SO worth it. Planning to start this weekend with my Cecil socks, since the solid-colored pair I'm making now is done except for the grafting. As usual, too many projects, not enough time!

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September 08, 2009

a boy version of the blanket! that’s great. That little leaf is a very promising beginning of a shawl, for sure!


September 05, 2009

I’ve used the sheets you put in the washer to collect excess dye. I think they’re made by the folks who make Shout. They work well to collect the excess dye. If you think some of the color will wash out of your yarn, I wouldn’t hesitate to use those sheets.

The RIT product is intended to remove color prior to dyeing it with RIT dye. My mother used it many years ago to whiten some things and as I remember, you had to cook the stuff on the stove. I would hesitate to do that with your blanket. On top of that, the RIT stuff stunk to high heavens. I don’t know if you could get the odor back out of your blankett.

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