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On Sunday my friend Shana and I went to check out Purl's new location. The new store is simply stunning! The old store was very attractive but was so cramped that I often didn't walk in if there were too many people inside. On Sunday when we got to the new store, there were probably 20 people inside -- but it was totally manageable! The new store combines the knitting and quilting stores that used to be down the block from each other in a much bigger space. I'd guess that they have twice as much square footage now in the new store compared to the two old stores combined. The layout is very pleasing too, with cubbies along one long wall and everything easy to see and shop for:

See all the people? It was pretty packed!

The new store is a much more pleasant shopping experience and I'll be visiting even more often than I used to. I'm always impressed with the tight merchandising and vision that Purl offers. Joelle's taste can't be denied! And I may have bought yarn for a new project . . . maybe . . . but I'll save that for the next post.

Go check out Purl's new digs, you'll be glad you did!

(btw, what do you think of the picture quality? I shot these pics with my new point-n-shoot, a Cannon SD780, which I got specifically to carry around when I don't want to drag the SLR with me. Not bad huh? I expect to have way more pics to show in the future due to this little baby camera!)

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April 20, 2010

The pics look great. Now you have me wanting a point and shoot. I just use the camera on my Blackberry because I am too lazy to lug my DSLR.

I was at Purl on Sunday! I was standing there before it opened because I was meeting friends. I ended up bumping into Kirsten from Through the Loops and introduced myself. I love the new Purl Soho.

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